Circadian Rhythm

Light, is associated in many ways with the biological phenomenon of life.

You are able to read this page, for instance, because light is reflected from it and carries the information to your retina, thru to your brain. You’re sufficiently awake to understand this, because your inbuilt biological clock has set itself using the cues of light and dark and tells you that you’re still within the active period of your day. Thus, at this very moment, you are making direct or indirect use of fundamentally important interfaces between light and life: vision and the biological clock.


This close relationship with light is something we share with most species alive. There may be other kinds of life in the Universe, but the only kind that we know about owes its existence to the energy of the Sun, and its family tree was shaped by the invention of photosynthesis more than by any other event. As a result, today’s inhabitants of our planet tend to rely on light for energy, information, and guidance in space/time. No wonder ancient cultures acknowledged its importance by worshipping the Sun as a life-giving, god-like being. Had the Sun failed to light up, all life-forms that we know of would be non-existent. Earth orbiting would be as lifeless as the moon.

Animals like ourselves tend to have an inbuilt clock which can only crudely keep a 24 hour day and needs recalibration with the help of the light/dark changes every day. Maladjustment of biological rhythm or light intake can therefore make us ill and depressive without us even realising that light is the underlying problem. Interesting as it seems, recent discoveries suggest that this response to light and dark may be independent of the eyes. In one controversial experiment, it was triggered by illuminating the backside of a person’s legs.

In summary, there would be no life without light or perhaps life wouldn’t be as evolved as it is, if it had not been for the light’s energy for photosynthesis, biological clocks, and vision.

That’s how important it is to have a good lighting designed and installed in the place where you spend most of your of Life Live and Work – your office and your home!!

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